A Factual History of the Sylvan Lakes Community

1927-Sylvan Land title is created under the Homestead Act, sold to Warren Wurtz.
1928-Wurtz sells to Elmer Hartner, who builds the two ditches.
1930-Hartner sells to Jesse & Casper Hogan, who gets the Chaffee County decree for the ditch water rights.
1933-1960 unknown.
1961 Standley Hogan & his sister Olive Potter inherit land begin planning.
….working....NOW SEE 'Timeline' under the SLMD Archive documents for much, much more detail.
1964 1972 Standley Hogan created 62 lots, known as the 1,2,3,4 sub-divisions. There are also surrounding multi-acre parcels.
1971 State Health Dept. mandates use of centralized sewage, or Hogan can't sell lots.
1972 Creation of the Sylvan Lakes Water & Sanitation District (SLW&SD or just SLWSD).
1972 End of the "Outhouse" era, where individually dug outhouses, chemical toilets and miscellaneous types of individual systems were used.
1972 to 1986 circa Hogan struggles to represent dual interest of own real estate sales and design/hire/build a central sewage.
1975-1985 Allegations of system failure, conflict of interest, lawsuits.
1993 November Hogan dies, central sewage dies, land goes into probation estate for sale.
1993 Eileen Hoffer appointed Executor of Estate.
1993 Hogan Estate: about 192 acres including subdivision lots and roads and parcels.
1998 5-13 Donald Scott Hinton (local developer) buys ~ 192 acre estate.
1998 SLW&SD becomes Sylvan Lakes Metro District (Ginny Peros Secretary)
2000 12-8 ~ 40 Acre parcel sold Lauren Ehlenfeldt
2000 12-21 ~ 20 Acre parcel sold Mark Oliver
2001 4-13 ~ 100 Acre parcel sold Merrilee S Ellis (sister of Ginny Peros)
2001 4-18 ~ 100 Acre parcel sold to Ginny Peros 

2013 4-13 SLPOA attends Wildfire Mitigation meeting at Lake County